52 Worlds Visited this Year


I’ve been having a slightly-harder-than-expected time finding employment since my Partner and I relocated to Oregon in August. Being that I’m prone to some deps now and then, I’ve really been striving to set personal goals for myself.

In August I started really kicking ass with the Poppilates/Blogilates (I never know which to call it) calendar and lost a ton of weight for my friend’s wedding Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen fully off the wagon since then, but plan on getting back to it any day now. Maybe today! Who know. I’ll post more on that later.

Also in August, I set out to get back in touch with my reading roots. I’m one of those people who, when asked about high school, stares blankly. 4 years of my life with almost no strong memories. Much like my adult romantic life, my adolescent platonic life was a string of serial monogomy best friends, who I remember with the same aching fondness as failed relationships. Frustratingly unrevisitable. Here are the things that are pointedly missing from that time in my life:
Parties, mischief, sports, clubs, dating, self-realization

Here are the things that I do remember:
Goofiness, brooding, incomplete assignments, music, and reading.

What I wanted to believe was the insomnia of a creative soul was actually a deep love of the suspension of reality keeping me awake every night, and exhaustedly inattentive each day.

Entering higher education, academia infiltrated, occupied, and destroyed my desire to read. You have my utmost respect if you actually slogged through all of your required reading and binge drinking and still wanted to fit in a few chapters before bed. I was lucky if I made it through the required reading part.

And so now, some-odd years out from my degree, I am determined to fall back in love with worlds that are not my own. The challenge I’ve set for myself is a book a week for a year (52/52.) And while I don’t plan to do book reports, I will jot down a few thoughts as they relate to each book and post it here in addition to my Goodreads account. As I write this, I have just completed Book/Week 7 and therefore have a bit of backtracking to do.


Edit: I’ve added a Goodreads widget to the blog so that you can keep up with my book of the week. If you are a Goodreads member, give me an add!


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