October 2015 Fitness Goals

As I mentioned in my post, A Month with Cassey Ho, I will be giving fitness progress updates and reflections on the 1st of each month. It can be easy to get a bit fixated on the daily details of your journey to better health, so in an attempt to keep sight of the forest rather than the trees, I will be limiting this topic to monthly.


I don’t plan to weigh-in or report measurements, but progress photos are often very encouraging. I don’t have one from the beginning of September, but starting next month it will be fun for me to see further change.

I like to be intentional about setting specific goals for myself at the beginning of the month. My fitness Instagram allows me to see a lot of fun calendars for monthly challenges, but they can often be found on Pinterest as well. This month, I will be doing…

  • Blogilates October 2015 calendar:


  • Shake your Asana Instagram Challenge (October 1-14)
  • Push-up Pro and Squat Pro Apps
  • Couch-5k (or another beginner jogging program, I’m a bit torn)
  • I will also be focusing on improving my terrible hamstring flexibility, which often forces me to do modified versions of exercises.

While it isn’t related to physical fitness, I held back from registering for more fitness challenges because I want to leave time to participate in The Mindfulness Summit, which runs all month and will be absolutely amazing based on the first day.

I plan to write more on mindfulness soon. Tomorrow, maybe.



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