Francis and I travelled to Bend, Oregon in September to view Dan Savage’s traveling amateur adult film festival, Hump!. I have chosen not to include my reactions to the film festival in my recap of our Bend, Oregon trip so as not to make the post overly adult. This post, however, will include these mature topics.

Here are my thoughts during my experience as a Hump! Adult Film Festival attendee:

1) The audience could have been worse, but was more openly shocked by the material than I imagined. Sure, laugh at the funny bits, but don’t groan at the nakedness of an ample body. For that matter, if you have to shriek and gasp at an image of a totally unremarkable penis, why are you even at this show? Did you know what this was when you went out of your way to buy tickets and drive to the theater?

2) There was one very strange male-gaze segment of two girls sort-of-not-really having a bicurious moment. They clearly were uncomfortable, and avoided touching each other while shifting their weight and showcasing their clothing. It felt like a perfume commercial and an American Apparel shoot had an incredibly contrived baby.

3) Gay men are way, way, WAY funnier than lesbians.

4) And finally, this was so much milder than I expected! I mean, I was waiting to feel obligated to nod appreciatively while someone had their asshole stapled shut! Instead, what I actually saw was a series of thoughtful, personal, and creative intimate expression. I will definitely attend the next Hump! Festival in Portland. We loved it!


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